Solar Panels

Installing solar panels can save you money, is a sustainable way to generate electricity and is a significant step towards building a more sustainable world. That’s why investing in solar panels is a great idea.

Rijlaarsdam Techniek installs the right system for an attractive price. Our certified installers work from the rooftop to the installation of your meter box. The panels we use are the DM320-M159-60BK and have a high return and a long lifetime.

Warranty on the panels:

  • 1 year guaranteed output of 97%
  • 25 years guaranteed output of 80.2%
  • 10 years warranty on materials

Micro-inverters from APsystems
Solar panels convert sunlight and heat into solar energy; this is called direct current. You need so-called inverters to transform this direct current into electricity in and around your home or business. The inverters we install are micro-inverters from APsystems. These micro-inverters are connected per individual solar panel. The advantage of this combination is that it provides optimum performance for your solar energy system. For example, if one solar panel is in the shade, this will not affect the yield of the other panels (which is the case with conventional string inverters). This will significantly increase the productivity and ultimate output of your solar panel system. Installations with APsystems micro-inverters are about 5 to 15% more efficient in comparison to similar string inverters.

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